Lazuko Stuff

Remaking The Entire Site after I make More stuff it'll look even more like a 90s site


Deciding to do Gohan VS Ryu Instead

sprite handeling went badly XD

Visisting More Neocities sites

Following this time!


Feeling really nostalgic

im gonna check out more Neocities sites!

it'll be like a walk around the neighborhood

also! Ryu VS Goku comic coming soon! Still testing my skills!

I love you all!


I am bringing more stuff to the site,sorry for keeping you all waiting

I have a Clickteam Sonic project on the way,the fighting game will take a while

school is on the way too!,i'm kinda scared,i will try my hardest to throw a comic or show a game update sometime

anyways,I love you all! enjoy the site!

(support other Neocities creators too!)